OTCQX for Banks Overview

OTCQX for banks, an expansion of the OTCQX market, is designed to meet the unique needs of U.S. financial institutions that are established, well-managed, and strongly capitalized. Under a new streamlined reporting process, OTCQX banks may leverage their existing regulatory reporting standards to qualify, and must also meet high financial standards, and be current in their reporting to a bank regulator. OTCQX provides banks with shareholder-friendly trading experience through peer benchmarking, dedicated capital market support and enhanced visibility.

Benefits of the OTCQX Market

  • Enhanced Visibility - OTCQX is recognized among investors for distinguishing the most established and investor-focused companies trading on our markets. Banks on OTCQX will exclusively trade alongside other established banks that act with integrity, and also have high operational and financial standards.
  • Transparent Disclosure – Banks can leverage their existing financial reports and regulatory filings to qualify for OTCQX. As part of the OTCQX requirements, banks must follow investor relations best practices such as timely news dissemination of material events and earnings announcements to build confidence that their public market price reflects all available public information.
  • Blue Sky Recognition – Banks on OTCQX trade on an established public market with Blue Sky recognition
  • Wide Distribution - Through its large network of data distributors and media partners, OTC Markets Group will ensure financials are promptly distributed, readily available, and easily consumable so banks can maximize the value of being public by sharing their stories widely with investors and depositors.
  • Dedicated Capital Market Support – Banks appoint an OTCQX Sponsor, who provides access to institutional investors, trading expertise, wealth management and investment banking services.
  • Peer Benchmarking – Banks will trade with other well-managed, shareholder-friendly financial institutions, allowing for easy benchmarking against their peers. OTCQX Banks will also serve as a baseline for a new community bank index to provide a more accurate benchmark for the performance of small and mid-sized banks across the nation.
  • Exclusive Branding Opportunities - As part of our best market, banks have access to our expansive network of broker-dealers, investors, and companies. OTCQX companies are showcased in our marketing materials, including our monthly newsletter, social media, www.otcmarkets.com, collateral, email marketing, and advertising. OTCQX companies may also "Light up the Market," a socially-enabled marketing and photo opportunity available to all OTCQX companies.
  • Better Shareholder Experience – Shareholders have access to an efficient trading facility, high quality disclosure and trusted companies so they can trade with confidence. Shareholders do not have to trade bank securities out of "desk drawers."

OTCQX Banks Press Coverage

Trade Through OTC Link® ATS – The system of choice

OTC Link® ATS is an SEC registered Alternative Trading System for broker-dealer subscribers to provide investors with an efficient and effective electronic trading experience. OTC Link® ATS directly links a diverse network of leading U.S. broker-dealers that provide liquidity and execution services for a wide spectrum of U.S. and global securities. Its real-time price transparency and connectivity offers broker-dealers control of trades and choice of counterparties so that they can efficiently provide best execution, attract order flow, and comply with FINRA and SEC regulations.

OTC Link® ATS is operated by OTC Link LLC, a FINRA member broker-dealer and wholly owned subsidiary of OTC Markets Group Inc.

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