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New Ventures and Expanded Release Activities Lift Independent Media Company Hannover House

Aug 08, 2013

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Springdale, AR -

Over the past twenty years, Hannover House, Inc., (OTC: HHSE), has grown from a boutique book publisher into a full-service media company and brand name.  Now, as the first studio distributor with a dedicated Roku-enabled IPTV site, Hannover House is positioned for explosive growth as a one-stop consolidator for film, television and video programming.  As the company?s activities are attracting new investors and media partners, Hannover House principals Eric Parkinson (C.E.O.) and Fred Shefte (President), have released the following business overview.


VODwiz.  Current activities for Hannover House include the beta-launch (and forthcoming consumer roll-out) of the pay-per-video / video-on-demand portal known as VODwiz.  This new destination website and IPTV Channel is a venture with San Jose-based NanoTech Entertainment, and is designed as a destination site for consumers to stream thousands of independent films and major studio titles directly into their home televisions, computers, over the internet or through any WiFi-enabled device (including cell phones, tablets and most e-Reader devices).  The VODwiz beta site can be accessed through Roku-enabled set-top devices or through the internet at www.VODwiz.com.  Over the next few weeks and months, titles will be added from more than a dozen studio labels, with a short-term goal of 2,000 or more titles for streaming.  Long-term, VODwiz wants to be a destination choice for any and all mainstream and independent programming available on a Pay-Per-View or Video-On-Demand basis.  Existing V.O.D. sites, such as Netflix and I-Tunes have a very limited selection of titles, often limited to major studio hits.  The vision for VODwiz is to allow consumers to select whatever titles they want to watch, with transactional prices ranging from $.99 to $2.99 for most programming, with premium pricing for special events and selected major studio titles.


The VODwiz website and IPTV Channel have been designed and launched through a venture with NanoTech Entertainment.  Current titles on the beta-test are from the Hannover House film library, with new studio partners being added (and announced) beginning this month.  Hannover managers feel that the VODwiz venture offer presents a major revenue opportunity for the company based on industry data for existing Video-On-Demand sites and the strong support that the VODwiz concept has received from the independent film distribution community.  Delivery of films to consumers via Video-On-Demand methods enables Hannover House to avoid the costs of manufacturing, shipping and storing of videos, and also results in a near-instantaneous payment transaction.


DVD & Blu-Ray Products.  Over the past three years, consumer packaged home video products have generated the majority of revenues for Hannover House, and are expected to continue to be a major component of the company?s ongoing operations.  During 2013, the company has scheduled the release of twenty titles for the North American home video market, including the current release of ?Zombie Warz? (available for rental through Redbox, beginning August 13, and available for purchase at Wal-Mart Stores nationwide, beginning Sept. 10).  Consumer friendly-genres of horror films, science-fiction and family dominate the home video slate for Hannover House.  DVD & Blu-Ray products comprised over 85% of company revenues in 2010, and continue to grow for Hannover House, despite a general erosion in the marketplace in favor of the higher-margin, Video-On-Demand streaming model.  As new technologies evolve for the delivery of entertainment programming, Hannover House is committed to maintaining a leadership role in entertainment distribution, regardless of format and media.


Previously released DVD & Blu-Ray titles for Hannover House during 2013 include:  ?Toys in the Attic? (Animation), ?Fathers of the Sport? (Sports Documentary) and ?Zombie Warz: Falls the Shadow? (Sci-Fi / Horror).  Upcoming releases include the horror-thriller titles ?To.Get.Her: The Spring Break Murders?, ?Ingloda: The Possession Within?, ?Amityville Asylum?, ?Frankenstein: Day of the Beast?, ?The Coffin?, ?Valley of the Witch? and ?The Midnight Horror Show.?  Other upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray releases include ?Arkansas Razorback Football 2013? (Sports Documentary), ?Sunshine? (Urban-Action), ?The Jules Verne Classics? (Animation) and foreign language features ?The Weather Station? (Russia, Thriller), ?Asalto Al Cine? (Mexico, Action), ?Borrar de la Memoria? (Mexico, Thriller) and the ?Antonio Aguilar Colecion? (Mexico, Comedy).  Hannover House is looking at a year-over-year increase of more than 35% from its home video activities in 2013.


Publishing & Books.  This year, Hannover House has launched a major campaign into expanding the company?s book publishing activities.  With five new ?print? edition books and eight new ?eBook? format releases, the publishing side is emerging as a major revenue contributor for Hannover House in 2013.  Print edition releases include ?One of the Lucky Ones? by Brenda Hancock (WWII biography) now in release, and the September releases of ?Sable Shore? by James Danielson (Fiction / Mystery) and ?Blind Vision? by Vivian Jeanette Kaplan (Fiction / History).  Fourth quarter new book releases include the John Lennon biography, ?Lennon Bermuda? by Scott Neil (Non-Fiction / Biography), and the Kennedy Assassination blockbuster, ?The Verdict? by Barr McClellan (Non-Fiction / History).  Three Hannover House titles were released this week onto the Amazon Kindle platform, and are expected to be available imminently through the Barnes & Noble Nook platform and other eBook retail sources.


"The Verdict: Justice for John Kennedy, Justice for America? by Barr McClellan, is expected to be the Company?s top selling new release book in 2013. The non-fiction expose? reveals specific details of the plot and the players responsible for the assassination of the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy fifty years ago.  The new McClellan book will be coming to hardcover and eBook formats on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.  A prior McClellan book on the Kennedy assassination, "Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK" will also be re-released in hardcover and made available for the first time ever onto the various eBook formats.  "Blood, Money & Power..." sold more than 100,000 hardcover edition copies, and reached # 1 best-selling status for Amazon.com, and # 11 ranking on the New York Times best-sellers list.  McClellan also penned a prescient analysis of economics and outsourcing with his 2009 release of "Made in the USA" (Hannover House, $19.95 srp).


Major Title Activities.  Hannover House has obtained the rights to a variety of major, ?event-level? feature film properties, including ?Mother Goose? (aka ?Utopia?) which is expected to star Shirley MacLaine and Samuel L. Jackson.  The company has been developing a proposed 3-D, computer-generated feature based on the ?Terminator? franchise, tentatively titled ?T3K? or ?Terminator 3000,? and is subject to third party rights licenses from concept creator James Cameron and franchise licensor Annapurna Productions.  Hannover House is also working with production companies on three additional major titles, which have not been publicly announced.  The concept behind the pursuit of ?Major Titles? is to help elevate the stature and revenues of the company by controlling titles that otherwise would become Major Studio fare;  financing for these titles is being arranged through international pre-sales, bank financing, various state and federal tax incentive programs and private investment. 


Corporate Governance & Public Company Stature.  At present, shares in Hannover House are traded on the OTC Pinksheets and the company is fully compliant with the OTC Markets Current Information Status.  Hannover House has engaged Hogan Taylor as auditors and a full audit of the company?s activities for 2011 and 2012 is underway (including a historical review of revenues and expenses dating back to inception).  Hannover House has completed a ?Form 10? Registration Statement document, and will be submitting this filing to the Securities & Exchange Commission?s Edgar Reporting site along with the completed audits in the near-term future.  The company recently closed a $5-million dollar corporate funding agreement with TCA Global Credit Master Fund, which includes an audit requirement and short-term deadline.  It is management?s belief that the filing of the Form 10 Registration Statement, the release of the audits and the third-party acknowledgment of the accuracy of the company?s previously released financials should have a significant and positive impact on investor confidence and share price.


Operations & Debt Management.  As detailed in public filings, Hannover House made a substantial investment in a film in 2010, ?Twelve? from director Joel Schumacher, which left the company with more than $4-million in debt.  In order to provide financing relief for some of these aged debts, in 2011 Hannover House began a series of ?debt-conversion? transactions that generated almost $2-million dollars for the benefit of creditors while increasing the total float of company stock by less than 17%.  Over the next three-to-four months, Hannover House plans to authorize the issuance of up to 18-million shares, representing about 3% of the total share count, in order to generate payments for key creditors.  Based on current and anticipated receivables and a detailed cash-flow model of the company?s activities over the next year, management does not anticipate the need for future debt conversions beyond the immediate, short-term and modest issuance. 


For more information on Hannover House, filings and announcements can be viewed at the OTCMarkets.com site, or through the company?s investor-relations blog, located at:






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