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Global Profit Technologies, Inc. to Present at the National Investment Banking Association's 132nd Investment Conference

Sep 08, 2014

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- Global Profit Technologies, Inc. to Present at the National Investment Banking Association's 132nd Investment Conference

Global Profit Technologies, Inc. to Present at the National Investment Banking Association's 132nd Investment Conference

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Profit Technologies, Inc. (OTCQX:GLPT), developer of one of the world's most sophisticated, most complete, fully automated FOREX trading software platforms, called the 4X-DAT™, announced today that the company has been invited to present at the National Investment Banking Association's ("NIBA") 132nd Investment Conference to be held in New York City on September 15-17, 2014.

Joseph Nemeth, CEO of Global Profit Technologies, Inc. and the architect of the 4X-DAT™ software stated: "The NIBA Conference will give Global Profit Technologies, Inc. access to a vast audience of multinational investors, all at one time. We are excited about our ongoing growing clientele and the recent expansion of our brokerage options, allowing us to reach nearly every corner of the globe. We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce both our company and the software to such a large audience of investment professionals and to share our recent successes and our future plans for the growth of our company."

NIBA is a national not-for-profit trade association of regional and independent brokerages, investment banking firms, institutional investors and related capital market service providers. Since its inception, NIBA member firms have successfully completed over 1000 equity offerings totaling approximately $10 billion in new capital for America's finest emerging growth companies. The member firms of NIBA represent over 8800 registered representatives with an estimated $78 billion in assets under management, and are responsible for 90% of all Initial Public Offerings under $20 million.

NIBA conferences provide a venue for invited companies to share meaningful insight into their business operations, short and long-term growth strategies and industry vision, give its members the opportunity to exchange ideas and information, evaluate presentations made by public and private companies seeking capital or exposure to the investor community.


Joseph Nemeth - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Product Architect
Patrick Braid - Vice President, New Business Development

September 15-17, 2014

The Roosevelt Hotel 
45 E. 45th Street
New York City

Global Profit Technologies, Inc. is an emerging hi-tech leader in providing specialized, high-end, institutional grade, fully automated, complete end-to-end algorithmic trading solutions to the retail investment community. Its proprietary software, 4X-DAT™, focuses on automated trading in the Foreign Exchange markets and enables even amateur Forex traders to achieve professional, hedge-fund-like, performance levels in their own personal trading accounts, while being in complete control of their capital at all times.

The 4X-DAT™ technology enables traders & investors to deploy various proven and tested algorithmic trading strategies available with the software, or can be customized by the individual trader to his or her own personal trading style, risk tolerance, etc.  The software can simultaneously trade an unlimited number of currency pairs, manage and monitor an unlimited number of trades in an unlimited number of independent trading strategies. It can simultaneously open and close trades in both directions with an unprecedented degree of accuracy while providing money management on all trades by closing them at a pre-determined profit target. This entire process is fully automated through proprietary algorithmic trading sequences, non-stop, 24 hours a day, days, weeks, even months at a time, without interruption - all without the need for human input, after the initial trading parameters have been uploaded or set up.

To date, GLPT has invested over $17.5 Million, 10 years, and over 200,000 man hours in its development, making 4X-DAT™ the intelligent, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use fully automated Forex trading solution available anywhere, to anyone interested in achieving extraordinary returns on their trading capital, using sound trading principles and the most advanced mathematical algorithms.

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