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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Investment - New Income Producing Rental Properties

Feb 01, 2013

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Fort Lauderdale, FL -


Second Street Capital, Inc. (CTON) a publicly traded Real Estate Investment company out of Fort Lauderdale FL, announced that it has implemented a Managed Investment Program designed for real estate investors that want to own New Rental Income Producing Properties in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Mr. Kyle Meyer, CEO states “The current South Florida real estate investment environment offers exceptional risk-adjusted returns to real estate investors that want to own new income producing rental properties in the Fort Lauderdale area.”

Sellers of vacant lots zoned for building new income producing rental properties are accepting reasonable prices when presented with non-contingent cash offers.  Buyers for these properties are generally experienced developers that understand the market and know the specific details necessary to develop the property. 

Second Street Capital’s expertise is in finding and underwriting potential new income producing rental property development opportunities and acting before the properties are broadly marketed. This provides real estate investors opportunities that generally are available only to large hedge funds and commercial developers.  Second Street Capital’s unique capabilities offer clients access to special situations that provide sound collateral and superior returns when using a long term approach that combines cash flow from the new income producing rental properties with equity appreciation.

Our Managed Investor Program targets the purchasing of undervalued building lots in Fort Lauderdale’s high-demand areas.  Second Street Capital then constructs market rate, low maintenance townhomes or garden style apartments on the property.   

Second Street Capital specializes in working with investors who want to invest in new income producing rental properties in Fort Lauderdale, but do not have the time or experience to avail themselves of these market opportunities.

The Company's strategy is to help small and medium size investors build long-term wealth and generate income by investing intelligently and adding value to the property rather than just from speculating on future appreciation.

With over 25 years in finance and real estate development Second Street Capital can assist both new and experienced real estate investors in reaching their investment goals. 

Second Street Capital, Inc. is all about entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs. The Company operates as a specialty finance & real estate investment company in Fort Lauderdale and manage qualified real estate related assets as both a principal and on behalf of its clients.

For more information on Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Investments in New Income Producing Rental Properties please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kyle Meyer, KMeyer@SecondStreetCap.com WWW.SECONDSTREETCAP.COM

Certain information included in this press release may contain forward looking information that is subject to certain risks, trends and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expected results. Among these risks, trends and uncertainties are SSCI’s ability to raise capital, risks associated with SSCI’s new business plan, national and local economic conditions, including conditions in the homebuilding and construction industry, conditions and trends in the real estate industry in general, changes in interest rates and other factors.

Second Street Capital, Inc, (“CTON”)

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