EQ Viewer

Execution Quality is essential to both the retail and wholesale community. Retail firms can assess how best to route their order flow while wholesalers now have a way to evaluate best execution for their customers. Reg 605 regulations have not kept up with the current state of the market and do not include OTC securities. Until now, there has been no standardized way for calculating execution quality in OTC securities.

  • Unbiased, standardized approach for measuring execution statistics
  • Allows both the Retail and Wholesale community to leverage the same set of information to evaluate Best Execution stats
    1. Retail firms can assess the quality of execution provided by all of their wholesalers
    2. Wholesalers can compare EQ scores across all of their customers
  • Full depth of book market data fuels the back-end of the model - accounting for all levels of available liquidity to fill an order

Real-Time monitoring of EQ is available via a web-based viewer.

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