Data Licensing


OTC Markets Group requires that a Market Data Distribution Agreement, Information Plan and applicable addenda be signed for all market data services. End-of-Day Pricing Data customers must also complete the End-of-Day Pricing Addendum while all other data file products (e.g. Security Data File, Company Data File) require the completion of the Web Access Addendum.

Complete pricing information is available in our Market Data Fee Schedule. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding our products or licenses.

Real-Time Licenses

Broker-Dealer Enterprise Licenses – The Broker-Dealer Enterprise License offers access to real-time data across the enterprise for employees and brokerage customers as long as the data is displayed via a password protected application. Different fees apply for level 1 vs. level 2 data. Requires a direct contract with OTC Markets Group.

Real-Time Reference Prices License – The Real-Time Reference Price License offers access to the Real-Time Reference Price Product (best bid and ask prices) for employees, customers and the general public. Distributors of OTC Markets Group's premium Level 1+ and Level 2+ products may distribute this data for free. All others pay a low monthly fee of $250. No per user fees or reporting requirements apply. Requires a direct contract with OTC Markets Group.

Subscriber Access - Access is available directly from your market data provider. Fees are assessed by user type - professional vs. non-professional - and by data type – level 1 vs. level 2. User data must be reported to OTC Markets Group.

Non-Display License – The Non-Display License allows firms to use OTC Markets data for internal processes and validation. The data may not be displayed on end user applications. Different fees apply for Level 1+ vs. Level 2+. Requires a direct contract with OTC Markets Group.

Derived Data License – The Derived Data license allows for the display of data derived from OTC Markets data on Internal and External applications. Different fees apply for external applications vs. internal applications. Requires a direct contract with OTC Markets Group.

Issuer Investor Relations Website License – Real-time Level 2 quotation data for display on a company's corporate website. Requires a direct contract with OTC Markets Group.

End of Day Pricing Licenses

Valuation License – If End-of-Day pricing data is used for any or all of the following then the Valuation License must be employed: investment accounting, security valuation, settlement, clearing and custody. If a Valuation License is used then the data may also be used for information, research and analysis at no additional charge. Pricing for the Valuation License depends on firm type.

Information, Research and Analysis Only License – End-of-Day pricing data may only be used for Information, Research and Analysis. Any other ‘Valuation’ use will necessitate employing the ‘Valuation License’. Pricing for the Information, Research and Analysis Only License depends on firm type.

Data File Licenses

Web Access License – License to provide information within the applicable data file product (Security Data File, Company Data File, OTC Quote History File, OTC Compliance File, Unsolicited Quote File) to the identified tier of end users.

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