Compliance Analytics

All technical and data field details may be found in the OTC Compliance Analytics User Guide.

The OTC Compliance Analytics product contains two files:

  • Base file - includes detailed reference data and is modeled on the Compliance Data File in terms of layout and data points.
  • Analytics file - includes the 16 derived risk values and the aggregate risk total. The analytics file also includes security reference data (symbol, cusip) for ease of use.

The base and analytics files are made available on OTC Markets' secure FTP server twice daily at 6:00 AM EST and 6:00PM EST on every trading day.

Files are pipe ( | ) delimited text files and are available with and without CUSIP information. File size is as follows:

  • Base file: ~10 MB
  • Analytics file: ~5 MB

For more information and/or sample data, please contact our Market Data Services Department:

Call: 212.220.2166

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