OTCQX International Overview

The OTCQX® market offers the best informed and most efficient trading for U.S. and global companies. To qualify for the OTCQX market, companies must meet high financial standards, be current in their disclosure, and be sponsored by a professional third-party advisor. OTCQX ensures that investors have the information necessary to intelligently analyze, value and trade securities.

Who Should Join OTCQX International?

Reserved for global companies to trade their ADRs or foreign ordinary securities listed on a qualified non-U.S. stock exchange, OTCQX International allows companies to establish a secondary market for U.S. investors but without the duplicative regulatory requirements of a U.S. exchange listing. Companies on OTCQX may use their home country disclosure in English in lieu of SEC reporting. This requirement helps ensure that only the most shareholder-focused companies already approved by a qualified international stock exchange's listing process are eligible.

All companies appoint a qualified, third-party investment bank or attorney Principal American Liaison (PAL) to help with the admission process, post disclosure in English, and act as a trusted resource for all their investor information needs and U.S. market protocols.

Keeping Good Companies in Good Company

The OTCQX market serves the unique needs of some of the world’s most successful, liquid, and recognized companies. Companies on OTCQX signal to investors that they are committed to maintaining high quality financial and operating standards.

Company Benefits on the OTCQX Market

  • Accepts home-country reporting in lieu of SEC reporting
  • Provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to NYSE or NASDAQ for publicly traded companies
  • Reaches a larger group of U.S. institutional investors who can buy OTCQX securities through the broker of their choice
  • Ensures that company disclosure is readily available in the U.S. to investors
  • Facilitates increased liquidity
  • Identifies the most reputable companies to help investors make informed trading decisions

Trade Through OTC Link® ATS – The system of choice

OTC Link® ATS is an SEC registered Alternative Trading System for broker-dealer subscribers to provide investors with an electronic trading experience nearly identical to that of trading a security on NYSE or NASDAQ. OTC Link® ATS directly links a diverse network of leading U.S. broker-dealers that provide liquidity and execution services for a wide spectrum of U.S. and global securities. Its real-time price transparency and connectivity offers broker-dealers control of trades and choice of counterparties so that they can efficiently provide best execution, attract order flow, and comply with FINRA and SEC regulations.

In addition, investors in all OTCQX companies may view the full market-depth of their stock free of charge on www.otcmarkets.com through the Real-Time Level 2 Quote Display Service.

OTC Link® ATS is operated by OTC Link LLC, a FINRA member broker-dealer and wholly owned subsidiary of OTC Markets Group Inc.

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