What is the Role of a Sponsor?

An OTCQX Sponsor for banks is a pre-approved FINRA member broker-dealer firm that specializes in trading and advising banks. OTCQX Sponsors provide guidance on the trading of a banks stock, as well as help facilitate relationships with institutional investors, investment bankers and other key market participants. Each bank is required to submit a letter of introduction from an OTCQX Sponsor before joining OTCQX. View a list of OTCQX Sponsors .

Qualify to Become an OTCQX Sponsor

If you represent a FINRA member broker-dealer firm and would like to serve as an OTCQX Sponsor, please contact us at 212.896.4420 or issuers@otcmarkets.com to learn how to qualify.

Application Forms
Application to Serve as an OTCQX Sponsor Word
Agreement to Serve as an OTCQX Sponsor Word

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