Share Information with Investors: Our IR Services

OTCQX companies have full access to a suite of corporate services that provide compliance tools, market information and business intelligence solutions designed to help companies share information and strengthen their engagement with investors.

  • OTC Disclosure & News Service®: Distribute your information and bring transparency to a wide audience of U.S. investors, market data distributors, investment databases, media outlets, and broker-dealers. Banks can use this service to publish news, research reports, videos, material events and investor presentations to a wide audience of investors. Learn more.
  • Real-Time Level 2 Quote Display Service®: Give investors the confidence that they are receiving the best price for their investment. Real-Time Level 2 Quotes refers to all broker-dealer bid/ask quote prices and size in a security. Real-time Level 2 Quotes are important because investors want to see the available liquidity in a security. Learn more.
  • Blue Sky Monitoring Service: Blue sky law are U.S. state laws that regulate the offer and sale of securities to protect investors from fraud. In order for broker-dealers to be able to recommend a security with investors in the U.S., the security must comply with the blue sky laws of the state the investor resides in. Blue Sky Monitoring Service offers companies a customized daily audit of their Blue Sky compliance status in each of the 50 states and 4 U.S. territories, indicating whether broker-dealers can recommend the company’s security in each jurisdiction. Learn more.
  • Morningstar Reports: Access to Morningstar quantitative equity ratings and research enables OTCQX companies to provide investors with an independent view of the companys performance. This allows investors to better analyze and benchmark a company relative to its sector.
  • OTCQX Market Center: Conduct investor meetings and conferences at the OTCQX Market Center, available as an exclusive benefit for OTCQX companies. Companies may use our event planning services to execute their events.
  • Issuer Services Specialists: Receive personal assistance from our issuer services specialists on your security's trading performance and broker-dealer information.

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