Prohibited Attorney List

Attorney Company Name Location Prohibited Date
Antonio Aguilera Aguilera Law Offices Coral Gables, FL March 15, 2006
John Briner John D. Briner Law Corporation Vancouver, BC March 15, 2006
Carmine J. Bua Law Office of Carmine J. Bua San Diego, CA September 2, 2009
Luis J. Carrillo Carrillo Huettel LLP San Diego, CA March 18, 2013
Stephen Czarnik Cohen & Czarnik LLP New York, NY February 3, 2010
Diane D. Dalmy Diane Dalmy and Associates Lakewood, CO September 25, 2009
Carl N. Duncan Carl N. Duncan Esq. LLC Bethesda, MD September 28, 2012
Kenneth Eade Kenneth G. Eade, Esq. Los Angeles, CA November 3, 2014
John Frohling Frohling & Associates Newark, NJ February 19, 2010
G. David Gordon G. David Gordon & Associates, P.C. Tulsa, OK August 31, 2009
Jack Halperin Law Office of Jack Halperin New York, NY May 10, 2010
Wade D. Huettel Carrillo Huettel LLP San Diego, CA March 18, 2013
Craig A. Huffman Debt Settlement Law Group, P.A. Tampa, FL March 8, 2010
Guy M. Jean-Pierre Jean-Pierre & Jean-Pierre, LLC Deerfield Beach, FL April 21, 2010
Michael S. Krome Law Office of Michael S. Krome Lake Grove, NY March 15, 2006
Stewart A. Merkin Law Office of Stewart A. Merkin Miami, FL July 9, 2013
Michael J. Morey Michael J. Morey Esq. Las Vegas, NV October 18, 2010
Phillip Offill Godwin Pappas Langley Ronquillo, LLP Dallas, Texas March 15, 2006
William D. O'Neal The O'Neal Law Firm, P.C. Fountain Hills, Arizona March 15, 2006
David Otto The Otto Law Group PLLC Seattle, Washington November 4, 2009
Joel Pensley Joel Pensley, Attorney at Law Norfolk, CT May 10, 2010
James E. Pratt Law Offices of James E. Pratt Garden City, NY June 25, 2010
Albert Rasch Albert Rasch & Associates / 144 Opinions, Inc. Newport Beach, CA March 15, 2006
David Rees Vincent & Rees, L.C. Salt Lake City, UT May 3, 2012
James Reskin Reskin & Associates Louisville, KY August 31, 2009
William J. Reilly William J. Reilly, Esq. Boca Raton, FL January 10, 2013
Brian R. Reiss Huntington Beach, CA March 15, 2006
Melissa K. Rice Melissa K. Rice, P.A. Miami, FL May 3, 2012
Preston J. Shea Preston J. Shea, Attorney at Law Phoenix, AZ September 24, 2009
Virginia K. Sourlis The Sourlis Law Firm Red Bank, NJ November 30, 2012
David Stocker David B. Stocker, Ltd. Phoenix, AZ March 15, 2006
Todd Van Siclen The Otto Law Group PLLC Seattle, Washington November 4, 2009

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