The Markets

We organize 10,000 securities into three markets - OTCQX®, OTCQB® and Pink®, to better inform investors.

Pink Current Information Logo
The Open Market

For broker-dealers to electronically trade all types of companies. With no minimum financial standards, this market includes foreign companies that limit distribution of their disclosure to their home market, penny stocks and shells, as well as distressed, delinquent, and dark companies not able or willing to provide adequate information to investors. Pink requires the least in terms of company disclosure and the most in terms of investor research and caution.

If you find that a company does not provide high quality information, be extra careful and cautious. Investors are strongly advised to thoroughly and carefully research companies before making any investment decisions.

Pink Provides a Base Level of Trading Efficiency

  • Electronic trading (through institutional, retail and online brokers)
  • Transparent prices
  • Classification of companies based on the variable levels of disclosure and information availability
  • Access to all types of U.S. and global companies (including ADRs, penny stocks, shells, bankruptcies, and minimally engaged companies)

Pink Market Segments

Because companies on Pink are variable in their reporting, OTC Markets Group further segments them based on the quantity and quality of information they provide to investors: Current Information, Limited Information, and No Information

Current Information

Companies may be categorized in Current Information by following the International Reporting Standard, which requires the company to be listed on a Qualifying Foreign Exchange that requires periodic disclosure filings, or by following the Alternative Reporting Standard by making filings publicly available through the OTC Disclosure & News Service pursuant to the Pink Basic Disclosure Guidelines. The Current Information category is based on the level and timely availability of disclosure and is not a designation of quality or investment risk.

OTC Pink Limited Information Logo
Limited Information

Designed for companies with financial reporting problems, economic distress, or in bankruptcy to make the limited information they have publicly available. The Limited Information category also includes companies that may not be troubled, but are unwilling to provide disclosure pursuant to Pink Basic Disclosure Guidelines.

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No Information

Indicates companies do not provide disclosure. Publicly traded companies that do not provide information to investors should be carefully researched before making any investment decision.

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