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Altavoz announces support for Music Public Blockchain Project

May 01, 2017

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Rockville, MD -

Music Public Blockchain Project.

Altavoz announces its public support for the Music Public Blockchain Project. "Its an effort inside the industry and social media to get the message out about the incredible opportunity the Entertainment industry can avail itself to with the blockchain Said Nelson R. Jacobsen, CEO. of Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTCPK:AVOZ)  Starting in 2nd quarter of 2017 all of Altavozs catalog will be put into an open music public blockchain and well advocate for other distributors, publishers, all recording rights holders to do the same.

Whats a Music Public Blockchain:

A content management system that allows an individual to easily create and manage music, songs, albums, catalogs, via the mechanics built into the Distributed automatic corporation aspect of blockchain protocols presenting the public and content creators owners and investors with a solution of managing music meta data and communicating with all interested parties via the public ledger aspect of the blockchain. In the Blockchain, content is stored in a database that can be a song, an agreement or payment mechanism.

Who can submit:

The Music Public Blochchain Project  is an open data project, so anyone can submit they'll just have to agree to use the stated standards & attributes on work taken from the Music Public Blockchain and published back to the project or other Blockchains.  While there are many private databases and even now private blockchain attempts to manage the data of music there's never until now, been one universal music data base of entertainment information let alone using pair keys to solve one of the oldest problems creators of music have faced since the dawn of copyright laws - piracy.

Our project:

Altavoz knows these standards already exist and work well from ISRCs for digital song tracking to GTINs for physical asset tracking around the world. Altavoz will take a lead by example approach by assigning the Public Key to the data collected and monitored by DDex, and in formats that conform to NARM 425File, and VSDA formats, All adopted as the schema of our Music Public Blockchain

Solution and Technology:  

The use case for the Blockchain proposed as a public ledger using the blockchain consensus to establish, distribute and receive payments is going to happen is just a matter of when and which group as the content creators and Department of Justice are not happy with the present system. Moreover,  and for many in the bitcoin and blockchain world the use case for a public ledger aspect and music copyrights has been called the most important challenge to innovation in entertainment and one Altavoz plans to be part of the solution providers.

Our Digital History:

Altavoz has been online since 1994 when it put up Digex.com/~altavoz as one of 1st private hosted web clients. In May of 1995, Altavoz put up Altavoz.com as one of the 1st 50 thousand dot coms in the world.   Because of this history Altavoz approached Musicbiz.org to talk about Cryptocurrency and alternative payments in 2013. By Feb. 2014 - PRLog -- Altavoz announced today that the company will accept Bitcoin, and by April 23, 2014 held for MusicBiz.org  1st industry webinar which lead to a Cryptocurrency panel during MusicBiz.orgs  annual convention in 2014 in Los Angeles. In 2015 via PRLog  Altavoz announced the need public and private keys in the media data of music at the  Meta Data Summit i Nashville. TN.

Entertainment Data Deal:

Altavoz is offering data and metadata of music in a simple program that is universally accepted and built to expand into public blockchain and open ledger projects.  Since each song & releases needs ISRCs, UPCs, & GTINs for physical asset tracking, this deal is open to anyone that wants to be part of blockchain and other entertainment pursuits that require the entertainment data that Altavoz can offers via its Distribution as a Services (DaaS).   Visit EntertainmentDataDeal.com

Supporting Music Public Blockchain:

To support the roll out of the Music Public Blockchain Project, weve placed a 1/4 Page ad in the 2017  Billboard Music Awards guide, and Altavoz will attend MusicBiz.org 2017 Conference #MusicBiz2017 to meet with other music distributors and open blockchain advocates. Please visit http://musicpublicblockchain.com/delta/ to learn more.

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