Pink Sheets® and Yellow Sheets®
Historical Data Research

OTC Markets Group offers a research/data mining service to help individuals and firms locate the pricing, security or company information required for legal, accounting or tax issues.

Our historical Pink Sheets® and Yellow Sheets® data, which is housed in databases and print materials, is available in varying timeframes and quality from 1940. After going electronic in 1999, our data is significantly more comprehensive and continues to improve in breadth and depth. Data elements/groups that are now available include:

  • Pricing – Closing quote and trade data
  • Corporate Actions – e.g. symbol changes, venue changes, dividends
  • Company Information – officers, descriptions, service providers
  • Security Information – transfer agents, shares outstanding


There is a minimum $100 charge for all Research/Data Mining requests. Individual job cost depends on the timeframe, data elements and number of securities. Estimates will be provided prior to beginning an assignment.


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