Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. companies must have audited annual financials by a PCAOB auditor. (Regulation A Companies are exempt from the initial requirement)
  • Minimum bid price of $0.01
  • Not be in bankruptcy
  • International companies must be listed on a Qualified Foreign Exchange (or SEC Reporting) and submit a Letter of Introduction from an approved OTCQB Sponsor

Reporting Requirements

  • Meet one of the following Reporting Standards:
    • SEC Reporting Standard
    • Regulation A Reporting Standard
    • U.S. Bank Reporting Standard
    • International Reporting Standard
    • Alternative Reporting Standard
  • Timely disclosure of material news

Corporate Governance Requirements (Alternative Reporting only)

  • Have a board of directors that includes at least two Independent Directors
  • Have an Audit Committee, a majority of the members of which are Independent Directors

Verification Requirements

  • Maintain a Verified Company Profile
  • Post initial and annual OTCQB Certification

For more detailed information on how to qualify for the OTCQB market, please see the OTCQB Standards.

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