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OTC Markets Group Welcomes Newly Verified OTCQB Companies – Jan. 15

Jan 15, 2015

OTC Disclosure & News Service

New York, NY -

OTC Markets Group Inc. (OTCQX: OTCM), operator of Open, Transparent and Connected financial marketplaces, today announced the following companies are verified for trading on OTCQB®, the venture marketplace for entrepreneurial and development stage companies, effective January 15, 2015: 

NutraFuels, Inc. (OTCQB: NTFU) NutraFuels manufactures and distributes a line of oral spray nutritional and dietary products direct to the consumer and to retail and wholesale outlets.  Oral spray delivery systems are now at the forefront of medical technology and are already an approved methodology for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products worldwide.  This revolutionary delivery system is being hailed for its convenience, dosage precision and timely assimilation into the body.  NutraFuels product line consists of vitamins and nutrients in an aqueous solution, orally delivered through a non-aerosol pump. NutraFuels products are sprayed into the mouth in the form of a fine mist entering the delicate tissue of the mouth.  The nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and assimilated throughout the body, avoiding the solubility and absorption problems common with most ingested vitamins and nutritional supplements in pill or liquid form. 

ROI Land Investments Ltd. (OTCQB: ROII) ROI Land Investments (ROI) is a real estate investment company specializing in land development.  ROI's business model consists of acquiring attractive land developments free of zoning restrictions, obtaining the necessary development permits, outsourcing the development of the infrastructure and profiting from the sale of the subdivided land units to known large regional developers. 

Solitron Devices, Inc. (OTCQB: SODI) Solitron Devices designs, develops, manufactures and markets solid-state semiconductor components and related devices primarily for the military and aerospace markets.  It manufactures a large variety of bipolar and metal oxide semiconductor power transistors, power and control hybrids, junction and power MOS field effect transistors, field effect transistors and other related products.  Most of the company's products are custom made pursuant to contracts with customers whose end products are sold to the United States government.  Other products, such as Joint Army/Navy transistors, diodes and Standard Military Drawings voltage regulators, are sold as standard or catalog items. 

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