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NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) Announces NanoBooks TV App

May 07, 2013

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- NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) Announces NanoBooks TV App

NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) Announces NanoBooks TV App

NanoTech Media Channel to Feature eBook Library for Television

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SAN JOSE, Calif., May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- NANOTECH ENTERTAINMENT (OTCPINK: NTEK) today announced that its Media division will bring a new NanoTech branded channel, NanoBooks, to a variety of platforms including Roku, Samsung SmartTV, Apple TV and more.  NanoBooks will feature a library of over 500 eBooks, published for reading on Television sets.  The library will include literary classics, fiction, non-fiction, reference books and periodicals.  Readers will be able to choose between free access in an ad supported model or subscribe for a low monthly fee for full, uninterrupted access to the library.  Authors will also be able to publish their new works offering readers the latest books for a small one time fee.

"NanoTech Media is excited about exploring this new application of eBook technology by making use of a large format screen within people's homes," stated NanoTech CEO Jeffrey A. Foley.  We can provide a new, alternative method for people to read books with their existing equipment and not have to buy any additional technology.  We are very enthusiastic about this project and being able to provide access to thousands of books onto the OTT / IPTV platforms."  Foley continued, "NanoTech's NanoBooks channel will also provide a great way for vision impaired readers to read books that are often too difficult to read in small print, or on a traditional eBook reader with a small screen.  We plan on offering a wide variety of titles from classic authors such as Charles Dickens to modern releases by authors looking to leverage the latest delivery methods for their works." 

Foley closed by saying "We plan on offering the channel in a limited Beta test later this month on the Roku TV Platform.  We anticipate the public launch on Roku in July 2013, with other platforms following shortly thereafter."

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