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LiveWorld Announces 2004 Results: $5.2 Million Revenue, 103% Revenue Growth, 1,187% Profit Growth, $0.01 EPS

Jan 26, 2005

OTC Disclosure & News Service

- Full-service online community agency builds financial momentum. Los Gatos, Calif., January 18, 2005 - LiveWorld, Inc. (Pinksheets: LVWD.PK) today announced strong Year 2004 financial results, including doubling revenue and the company's second profitable year. The company further reported substantial revenue and profit growth for fourth-quarter 2004. Revenues for Year 2004 were $5,235,181 representing 103% growth over Year 2003 revenues of $2,577,628. Q4 2004 revenue was $1,572,219, representing 152% growth of over Q4 2003 revenue of $624,506, and 6% growth over Q3 2004 revenues of $1,477,422. The company announced its seventh consecutive profitable quarter and its second profitable year. Year 2004 earnings showed a profit before income taxes of $307,603, or an EPS before income taxes of 1.2 cents ($0.0116). This represents 1,188% growth compared to Year 2003 profit before income taxes of $23,875, or an EPS before income taxes of $0.0009. Year-over-year and consecutive quarterly profits also showed strong improvement. Profit before income taxes for Q4 2004 was $165,567, or an EPS before income taxes of $ 0.006 per share. This represents 25% growth compared to a Q4 2003 profit of $132,942, or an EPS before income taxes of $0.005, and 698% growth compared to a Q3 2004 profit of $20,757, or EPS before income taxes of $0.0008. The Company said that it expects continued growth in revenue and profit for Year 2005. Actual results may vary quarter to quarter as the Company invests more in overall growth of the business. The company's cash position at year-end was just over $1,000,000. About LiveWorld, Inc. LiveWorld (Pinksheets: LVWD.PK, is the leading full service online community agency that creates, operates, and manages loyalty marketing, customer support, and business intelligence communities based on the Company's unique community applications platform and strategic community model. LiveWorld solutions enable Fortune 1000 companies to strengthen customer relationships, increase revenues, and reduce costs. Clients include companies such as America Online, A&E Television Networks, BEA Systems, eBay, The Campbell Soup Company, Discovery Communications, Dove, HBO, Intel, MINI Cooper USA, PayPal, QVC, Slim-Fast, SUN Microsystems, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers. LiveWorld is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. PR Contact: Peter Friedman, 800-514-2060 "Safe Harbor" Statement Under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: This press release contains forward-looking information concerning the Company's future expectations, forecasts, and prospects. These statements include those regarding the Company's current or future financial performance. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed in the forward looking statements made by the Company as a result of, among other things, the Company's ability to successfully deliver upon its contractual commitments, clients continuing their ongoing relationships with the Company, ability to acquire new customers, and other risk factors described in the Company's latest 10Q and 10K filed with the SEC. Financial information quoted in this release represents results that have not been audited or reviewed by an outside accounting firm and are subject to change upon such a review.

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