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Hannover House to Expand Consumer Reach with Cross-Trailering Strategy

Aug 20, 2014

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Springdale, AR -

Independent entertainment distributor Hannover House, Inc., (OTC: HHSE) is implementing a consumer outreach campaign to build longer-term awareness for its current production slate, the company announced today.  Beginning in December, and following a high-profile cable-network-show "world premiere" of the company's theatrical trailer for "Shadow Vision," trailers for this current production will appear on a wide range of other Hannover House DVD and Blu-Ray releases.  Although other studios have been cross-trailering their upcoming productions on videos for years, Hannover House has abstained from trailering on video releases until now.


The "Shadow Vision" trailer is slated to appear on DVDs and Blu-Rays of at least six Hannover House releases, including "Valley of the Witch", "Midnight Horror Show", "Possession: The Ingloda Within", "Frankenstein: Day of the Beast", "Gabrielle" and "Grim," all of which are being released prior to March, 2015.  "Shadow Vision" is slated for a national theatrical release in October, 2015, but the company hopes to begin a long-lead teaser campaign to build consumer curiosity and interest in the high-concept storyline.  Placement onto science-fiction and horror genre videos is a good foundation to kick-start consumer chatter, the company reports.


The storyline of "Shadow Vision" has been closely protected by Hannover House, due to unique plot elements that Hannover House says have never before been included in a feature film.  The premise of the film that a medical experiment on enhancing vision goes awry is structurally similar to the current Luc Besson thriller, "Lucy." But that's where the similarities end.  What happens next is a secret that the Hannover House trailer hints at, but which the company will not reveal until immediately prior to the film's theatrical release.


"We think that word-of-mouth marketing in today's fractured media environment is one of the most powerful tools for a film company to utilize," said Eric Parkinson, C.E.O. of Hannover House.  "When you have a completely unique film product like 'Shadow Vision,' an opportunity to build movie-goer curiosity exists at unprecedented levels.  We think this can be translated into box office results and revenues and we're excited to implement a cross-trailering program."  


Each of the video releases featuring the "Shadow Vision" trailer will also be trailered onto other, upcoming Hannover House releases.  Previous broadcast world premieres for Hannover House trailers have launched on Entertainment Tonight, E! TV, CNN Showbiz Tonight and Extra!  The consumer reach of a broadcast trailer world premiere can often deliver over 5-million views, which Hannover House feels is an important platform to protect prior to initiating its campaign for video cross-trailering.


Hannover House was established in 1993 as a book publisher, with a DVD product line added in 2002.  The company quickly grew into one of the top indie-studio labels. During the past 12 years, Hannover House has released over 150 titles to the home video market in North America, and has added theatrical, television and video-on-demand activities over the years as title demands would merit.  The company's film and television library now has over 250 titles.


Existing, key retail accounts for Hannover House consumer packaged products include Walmart Stores, Inc., Redbox, Netflix, Best Buy, SAMS, Barnes & Noble and thousands of independent video retailers, schools, libraries and booksellers.  The company also sells entertainment products to a wide range of internet sites, and services most major video-on-demand portals. The company has been profitable for each of the past eighteen quarters, and feels that the 2014 and 2015 new activities will significantly increase both revenues and bottom line results.  Hannover House stock is currently traded on the OTC Markets under ticker symbol: HHSE.



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