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GVCL Ventures, Inc. acquires GVCL Marketing, Corp.

Nov 22, 2016

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Pompano Beach, FL -

Las Vegas, November 22, 2016 / OTC Disclosure and News Service / GVCL Ventures, Inc. (the "Company") (OTC: PPPID) announces that it has acquired GVCL Marketing Corp., a private Wyoming corporation ("GVCL"), in a share exchange transaction.

The Company will issue 150,000,000 restricted common shares in exchange for 100% of the shares of GVCL Marketing Corp.

GVCL is a specialty network marketing company that provides its clients access to a unique and extensive audience that they would not normally have access to, as generated by GVCL, without no upfront or monthly fees.

Gerald Neziol, President of the Company, states; "We are excited by this acquisition and the new direction it takes the Company into and look forward to a very rewarding future for the Company, its shareholders and its clients.  We also look forward to entertaining other business opportunities that can enhance and take advantage of our business and marketing capabilities."

In order for the Company to focus on its new business direction, it will no longer engage in the business of Proactive Pet Products.

About GVCL Ventures, Inc.:

GVCL Ventures, Inc. is a business opportunity company seeking unique companies to work with for the purpose of enhancing both.  Through its wholly owned subsidiary, GVCL Marketing Corp., we provide a unique network marketing opportunity that utilizes its extensive access to the internet for its clients to enhance their productivity and revenue.

Visit GVCL Marketing, Corp. at www.gvclmarketingcorp.com

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Contact:         GVCL Ventures, Inc.

133 N. Pompano Beach Blvd., Suite 910

Pompano Beach, FL, 33062


(289) 351-1191

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