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GFD Announces Net Profit for 2015 While Completing Development Initiatives

Feb 26, 2016

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Minneapolis, MN -

General Finance and Development, Inc. (OTC Markets: GFDV) announced today 4th quarter and year end results for 2015.

The highlights are summarized below. However, we urge investors to read our reports posted at and The limited information that follows in this press release is not adequate for making an informed investment judgment.

The highlights for the year end 2015 include:

Several milestones for the development of a national distribution model for Art Force including.

  • Website data-base and project room tools.
  • Strategic SEO and website content.
  • Addition of key marketing staff.
  • Additional space for the purpose of expansion. 

The development costs have been funded primarily by sales revenue as initiatives are being implemented. The key financial numbers include.

  • A 41% percent increase in revenue compared to 2014.
  • A net profit of $40,845.  
  • The company has no long term debt.
  • Assets exceed liabilities by more than 3 to 1.   

Corporate Art Force dba Art Force was the main contributor of sales revenue and net profit for the year.


Since inception in September 2009, Art Force has distributed over 30,000 pieces of artwork for more than 150 commercial clients to locations in 40 states.

Management believes the market for the services they provide is estimated to be over $1 billion and there currently is no single provider who has as much as 10 percent of the market. The industry is considered to be fragmented and non-standardized and management believes there is an opportunity to capture a significant share of the market within the next several years. New products and distribution systems are being developed to capture a significant market share.   

General Finance and Development, Inc. provides capital and business development services to small and medium size companies. Capital is provided to qualified companies by equity and/or strategic loan agreements. Business development services include business planning, organization and management development. GFD also pursues merger/acquisitions and joint venture projects.

The foregoing material may contain forward-looking statements. We caution that such statements may be subject to uncertainties and that actual results could differ materially from the fore-going statements. Readers accordingly should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements which do not reflect anticipated or unanticipated events or circumstances occurring after the date of these forward-looking statements. More information regarding General Finance and Development including financial statements and reports is available at the companys website and

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