OTC Dealer

Features & Add-On Services

Designed as a comprehensive quotation and trading application for securities traded off the exchanges, OTC Dealer provides traders with an easy to use interface and robust functionality including:

Multiple Message Types – OTC Dealer users have the option to ‘negotiate’ trades by using the ‘counter’ option or use our new MAX message type which allows traders to show their whole size to multiple market participants without risk of over–execution or race conditions.

OTC Dealer also has a number of ‘Add–on Services’ that can provide additional functionality and ease of use:

ORFTM Drop Copy Automatic direct reporting of OTC Link executions to FINRA’s OTC Reporting FacilityTM.
AutoQuote Enables the use of algorithms for quote submission directly to OTC Dealer and publication on OTC Link® ATS. The AutoQuote Excel spreadsheet is often used to synch prices for ADRs and F shares with the home market.
OTCBB Quote and OTC Trade Data Integrates market maker quotes on the OTCBB and all OTC trade data into OTC Dealer on a real–time basis.
OTC FIXTM A FIX messaging gateway for firms to submit prices to OTC Link® ATS, as well as send and receive OTC Link® ATS messages and executions via their internal systems or third party OMS providers.

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