OTC Compliance Data


The OTC Compliance Data File is made available twice daily at 6:00 AM EST and 6:00PM EST – on every trading day.

The OTC Compliance Data File is a pipe ( | ) delimited text file which are made available on OTC Markets' secure FTP server. Two different versions are created each day – one with CUSIP1 numbers and one without.

The first row of the pipe delimited file includes column labels. File size is approximately 8 MB. Complete documentation on the OTC Compliance Data File may be found in the OTC Compliance Data File User Guide.

1 CUSIP is a unique nine-character alphanumeric code appearing on the face of each stock or bond certificate that is assigned to a security by Standard & Poor's Corporation. CUSIP numbers are the property of the American Bankers Association (ABA) and are administered by Standard & Poor's. Since OTC Markets neither owns nor controls CUSIP numbers, distributors cannot be authorized to receive the daily list or fundamental data files including CUSIP data unless they have a daily license in place with CUSIP. Distributors please note: OTC Markets is not responsible for obtaining written approval from CUSIP prior to authorizing data distributors to externally redistribute CUSIP data; it is the responsibility of the data distributor to obtain such CUSIP permission for their downstream customers.

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