Law Offices of Thomas E. Puzzo, PLLC

Securities Counsel, OTCQX Sponsor
3823 44th Ave, NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Thomas Puzzo

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Associated Companies/Securities

Service Provider Role: Securities Counsel OTCQX Sponsor
Name     City Country Symbol Tier
Alpha Network Alliance Ventures Inc. Riverside United States ANAV Pink Current
Band Rep Management, Inc. kowloom China BNRM Pink Current
BRK Inc Henderson United States BRKK Pink Current
Cardinal Resources, Inc. Pittsburgh United States CDNL Pink No Information
Deal a Day Group Corp. Long Beach United States DEEL Pink No Information
Eason Education Kingdom Holdings, Inc. Kowloon China EKKH OTCQB
eBullion, Inc. Tsim Sha Tsui China EBML Pink Current
Intellisense Solutions Inc. Scottsdale United States INLL Pink Current
Lash, Inc. Brooklyn United States CILS Pink Current
LF George Holdings, Inc. Millbrae United States LFGH Pink Limited
Loop Industries, Inc. Los Angeles United States LLPP OTCQB
Madison Ventures Inc. Las Vegas United States MAVT Pink Current
Oriental Magic Soup, Inc. Anaheim United States CQGU Pink Limited
Oro East Mining Inc Oakland United States OROE Pink Current
SharkReach, Inc. Hermosa Beach United States SHRK Pink No Information
Stony Hill Corp. Beverly Hills United States STNY OTCQB
Terra Tech Corp. Newport Beach United States TRTC OTCQX U.S.
The Pulse Network, Inc. Norwood United States TPNI Pink No Information

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