Pacific Stock Transfer Co.

Transfer Agent
6725 Via Austi Parkway
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Danielle Case

No business description available.

Associated Companies/Securities

Name     City Country Symbol Tier
1st Prestige Wealth Management Henderson United States FPWM Pink No Information
24/7 Kid Doc, Inc. Newton United States TVMD Pink Current
A Clean Slate, Inc. Sugar Land United States DRWN Pink No Information
A.C. Simmonds and Sons Inc. King City Canada ACSX Grey Market
Acacia Diversified Holdings, Inc. Clearwater United States ACCA OTCQB
Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. New York United States PHFBD Pink No Information
Acology Inc. Corona United States ACOL Pink Current
ACS Global, Inc. Red Bank United States AMCY Pink No Information
Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. Anaheim United States ADCF Pink No Information
Advanced Deposition Technologies, Inc. Salt Lake City United States ADTC Pink No Information
Advanced Lighting Solutions, Inc. Conroe United States AVLS Grey Market
Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. Scottsdale United States AVOI Pink Current
Advantis Corporation Newport Beach United States ADVT Pink Current
Agri-Dynamics, Inc. Roseville United States AGDY Pink No Information
Air Industries Group Hauppauge United States AIRI
All State Properties Holdings Inc. Salt Lake United States ATPT Pink No Information
Alliance Creative Group, Inc. Schaumburg United States ACGX Pink Current
Alliance Media Holdings Inc. New York United States ADTR Pink Limited
Allied Energy Corporation Del Mar United States AGYP Pink Current
ALR Technologies, Inc. Richmond United States ALRT Pink No Information
Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. Boca Raton United States AVOZ Pink Current
Alternative Green Technologies, Inc. Uniondale United States AGTI Grey Market
AmeraMex International Inc. Chico United States AMMX Pink Current
American Cannabis Company, Inc. Denver United States AMMJ OTCQB
American Life Holding Co., Inc. Seoul Korea, Republic Of ALFE Grey Market

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