OTC Markets Newsletter - February 2011
January 2011

Featured This Month:
Broker-Dealers Move OTC Quotes to the OTC Link Platform

Ten years ago, OTC Markets Group invested in innovative technology that revolutionized the OTC marketplace. Today, we operate the world’s largest electronic marketplace for broker-dealers to trade unlisted stocks.

Because of our commitment to building an efficient system of trading, the vast majority of regulated broker-dealers have chosen to quote the securities of U.S. reporting OTC companies on our electronic interdealer quotation system, OTC Link™. Investors can easily identify companies that are current in their obligations through the OTCQB® market tier designation.

As we continue to receive many inquiries regarding why broker-dealers have migrated to our system, we would like to assure you that our system offers a premium platform for the trading of all OTC securities. To ensure that the marketplace remains informed, we are offering FREE real-time quotes on otcmarkets.com. Investors can also access financial reports, news, and more company information for all 10,000 OTC companies.

We highly encourage you to view our OTCQB Fact Sheet here to learn more: otcmarkets.com/content/doc/ps/OTCQBfactsheet.pdf

OTC Market Trade Summary Latest OTC News
  OTC Market Tier # Securities $ Volume Avg. $ Vol.
per Security
OTC QX Icon OTCQX 176 $1,790,525,590 $10,173,441
OTC QB Icon OTCQB 3,871 $4,595,760,491 $1,187,228
OTC Pink Icon OTC Pink Current 1,909 $9,479,082,035 $4,965,470
Pink Limited Icon OTC Pink Limited 652 $707,270,020 $1,084,770
Pink No Info Icon OTC Pink
No Information
3,380 $217,065,126 $64,220
  Totals 10,007 $16,799,043,627 $1,678,729

OTC Markets Group's CEO Scheduled to Speak at STANY Annual Conference (March 31, 2011)

OTC Markets Group Announces 2010 OTC Marketplace Trading Statistics (March 15, 2011)

FINRA Announces Changes to Filing OTC Corporate Actions (March 10, 2011)

"OTCBB Delistings and Rule 15c2-11: What Happened?" - RedChip.com
(February 25, 2011)


March 13-16, Dana Point, CA - Roth Capital Partners OC Growth Stock Conference
Tim Ryan, Managing Director, Sales, Marketing & Business Development and Daniel Brasier, Director of OTCQX International, attended this event.

March 31, New York, NY - Security Traders Association of New York 75th Annual Conference
Cromwell Coulson, CEO of OTC Markets Group, will be contributing to a panel alongside representatives of all major exchanges and market centers. Discussion topics will focus on current financial issues in the marketplace.

April 7-8, New York, NY - Australian Resources Conference (ARC) USA
Andy Kyzyk, Director of OTCQX International at OTC Markets Group, will be presenting, focusing on the role and benefits of OTC Markets and OTCQX.

OTC Market Regulation

FINRA Announces Changes to Filing OTC Corporate Actions
Effective March 14, 2011, paper copies of corporate action notifications to FINRA will no longer be accepted. FINRA's electronic forms and instructions are now available on FINRA’s website at www.finra.org/upc/forms. FINRA Rule 6490 requires OTC companies to make all corporate action notifications, including name changes, stock splits, dividends, mergers, or bankruptcy, at least 10 days prior to the record date or effective date of the company action. For full details on this announcement, see: FINRA Regulatory Notice 11-09.


Compliance Alert: FINRA Rule Changes
OTC Markets Group alerts the marketplace to FINRA rule changes, including the introduction of access fees, prohibition from locking or crossing the market, and display of customer limit orders. For full details on this announcement, see: Compliance Alert: FINRA Rule Changes.

Ten more companies joined OTCQX® in February, bringing the total number of OTCQX companies to 176.

A complete list of OTCQX companies is available on otcqx.com.

95% of priced quotes in all OTC equities are on the OTC Link platform.

The OTCQB marketplace continues to gain recognition as the marketplace for reporting OTC companies.

  • Number of priced quotes on OTC Link: 64,582 (95% of all priced quotes in OTC equities)
  • Number of priced quotes on the OTCBB™: 3,357 (5% of all priced quotes in OTC equities)

For a full overview of OTCQB, view the OTCQB fact sheet here: otcmarkets.com/content/doc/ ps/OTCQBfactsheet.pdf.

(Data as of March 10, 2011.)

Securities trading in OTC Pink™ No Information represent only 1% of the total dollar volume traded on the OTC market.

Companies that provide current information enjoy over 94% of the dollar volume traded on the OTC market.

Non-reporting OTC Pink companies have the opportunity to encourage liquidity by following the Alternative Reporting Standard. It is easy to upgrade to OTC Pink Limited Information by simply providing a current balance sheet, income statement, and total shares outstanding.

View a sample of what Limited Information disclosure looks like here: otcmarkets.com/content/doc /LimitedInformationExample.pdf